Submersible Pump

GC-SP 3580 LL

Item no.:4170445EAN: 4006825615197
  • Flat suction up to 1 mm residual water level: wipe dry
  • Pump start possible from 8 mm water level
  • Infinitely adjustable float switch
  • With integrated non-return valve
  • Carrying handle
  • Cable winder
  • High-quality mechanical seal for long service life
  • Connection for 25/38 mm hoses and 33.3 mm (1") male thread
  • 90° angle 47.8 mm (1 1/2") AG
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Article description

The Einhell submersible pump GC-SP 3580 LL is a powerful and robust helper for homeowners and hobby gardeners who are looking for a high-quality and dynamic clear water pump for intensive work. With a maximum flow rate of 8000 litres per hour, the submersible pump impresses with its output when used with 350 watts: Swimming pools and rain barrels can be emptied in no time and cellars quickly drained. With its comprehensive technical equipment and user-friendly and flexible usage concept, the submersible pump is a versatile talent: Unlike many commercially available pumps, which require at least five centimetres of water height to start the pump, for the flat-suction Einhell clear water pump a water level of 8 millimetres suffices for the pump impeller to work on the inside. Flatly flooded basements or swimming pools can be drained from this low height by the powerful pump. The flat suction submersible pump pumps on a straight surface "wipe dry" up to a millimetre of residual water level. The high-quality mechanical seal stands for a long service life of the submersible pump, even for stressful and lengthy applications. The pump can be switched on and off automatically with changing water level via a continuously adjustable float switch. The integrated check valve prevents backflow when switching off. The submersible pump is easy to move and store thanks to a practical cable winder and an integrated, sturdy carrying handle. The submersible pump has a 90 ° angle 47.8 mm (1 1/2") AG connection and a connection for 25/38 mm hoses as well as 33.3 mm (1") male thread.

Technical details

Max. delivery height7.5 m
Max. delivery pressure0.75 bar
Max. delivery rate8000 l/h
Max. water temperature35 °C
Min. water level pump start8 mm
Power350 W
Power cable length10 m
Product weight3.13 Kg
Shallow suction up to1 mm

Versatile all-rounder for water supply in the garden

The Einhell submersible pump GC-SP 3580 LL ensures the transport of clear water from a cistern, the water reservoir, shafts or the garden well up to a water depth of 7 metres to the desired location. The 350 W motor provides sufficient power to pump up to 8,000 L/h over a head of max. 7.5 m.


Stepless float switch

The infinitely adjustable float switch automatically switches the pump on and off at a previously set water level.


Lateral hose connection

The housing is made from impact-resistant plastic. The 47.8 mm (G 11/2 IG) hose connection is also attached to the pump.


Particularly flat-sucking

In order to achieve virtually complete dewatering, this pump enables a flat suction extraction of up to 1 mm residual height of the water level.


Integrated non-return valve

The integrated non-return valve prevents the backflow of residual water, which is still in the hose, after the pump has been switched off.

What type of pump is it?

The clear water pump GC-SP 3580 LL is a submersible motor pump that is either completely or partially in the water.

What is the clear water pump suitable for?

For drainage (e.g. pools, basement rooms), extraction and transport of clear water.

Can a clear water pump also convey waste water?

No – only suitable for very small dirt particles.

Can the pump be used for garden watering?

No – only to a limited extent as the delivery pressure is not sufficient for lawn sprinklers.

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