Warranty Conditions of Einhell

Beyond the statutory warranty claim, Einhell grants to its end customer a manufacturer warranty of 24 months from the date indicated on the sales receipt covering all technical defects being within Einhell's responsibilty.

There is no warranty claim in the following cases

  • improper use (explicit reference that the rules described in the operating instructions have been violated)
  • wear caused by the customer (e.g. blunt saw blades, consumed carbon brush etc.)
  • wear and secondary damages due to a lack of maintenance, repair, lubricants (e.g. overheating damages due to blocked cooling slots, bearing damages resulting from dirt, frost damages etc.)
  • damages obviously resulting from excessive use / overload
  • damages caused by improper / inappropriate supplies  (e.g. wrong fuel)
  • damages caused by obvious operating errors
  • load-induced break of housing components or attachments due to abnormal strain
  • load-induced warping / deformation of housing components or attachments due to abnormal strain
  • damages resulting from operating supplies that are overfilled or leaking due to improper storage, in appropriate cleaning agents or other chemicals damaging components
  • damages due to improper exposure to extreme temperatures (e.g. freeze fractures, thermal deformation of components, etc.)
  • damages due to permanent exposure to ultraviolet irradiation
  • devices without any recognizable defect

Do you need help?

For any question on your Einhell products or technical difficulties, please contact our service hotline.

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