Battery Charger

CC-BC 10 E

Item no.: 1050821 EAN: 4006825613186
  • All-insulated construction
  • Overload- and false poling- and short-circuit protection
  • Electronic charging
  • Sheet steel housing
  • Carrying handle
  • Built-in ammeter
  • Mains cable with europe plug
  • Charging leads with sturdy pole clamps
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Article description

The CC-BC 10 E battery charger is a powerful automatic 12 V electronic charging device. The present charging current can be safely read via the inbuilt amperemeter. The electronic charging system limits the charging voltage to maximal 14.1 Volt (IU-charging curve); thus, an overcharging of the plugged battery is impossible and the charging process needs not to be controlled. Therefore, the battery charging device is especially suitable for modern, maintenance-free batteries as well as for preserving charging of sparely used batteries. The both powerful, all-insulated terminal clamps ensure optimal contact to the battery terminals at any time. The device can be safely and easily transported by the handy and stable carrying handle.

Technical details

Charge voltage12 V
Charging current min. (arith./eff.) - max. (arith./eff.) at 12 V d.c.10 / [-] A
Product weight2.76 Kg
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