Cordless Angle Grinder

TE-AG 18/115 Li Kit (1x3,0Ah)

Item no.:4431119EAN: 4006825629620
  • Power X-Change system battery – can also be used in other devices
  • Lithium-ion battery: Virtually no self-discharge, small, handy
  • Lightest angle grinder in its class
  • Softstart and restart protection for increased user safety.
  • Overload protection for durability
  • Modified air ducting for better cooling and durability
  • Smooth running thanks to the decoupling of motor and gearbox.
  • Disc guard with quick adjustment
  • Robust aluminum gearbox housing
  • Slim design with ergonomic softgrip
  • Additional handle can be mounted flexibly in 3 positions
  • Includes fast charger & 3.0 Ah Plus Power X-Change battery
  • The charge status can always be called up by battery capacity indicator
  • Recommendations for optimal results: 2.5 Ah battery and above
  • Supplied without cutting disc
  • Comes in an E-Box S35 transport and storage case
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Article description

As the lightest cordless angle grinder in its class, the Einhell cordless angle grinder TE-AG 18/115 Li is the indispensable aid for versatile sanding and cutting work. By means of a robust aluminum gearbox housing and by decoupling the motor and the gearbox, a very high level of smoothness is made possible. Thanks to the softstart and restart protection, the cordless angle grinder starts gently and ensures increased user safety. The slim design with ergonomic softgrip and the additional handle, which can be flexibly mounted in three positions, enable comfortable handling of the device. The modified air ducting ensures optimum cooling of the device and gentle operation of the gearbox. Thanks to quick adjustment, the disc guard can be adapted to any task in no time. The overload protection ensures increased safety and durability. Thanks to the powerful and lightweight 3.0 Ah Plus Power X-Change system battery, the cordless angle grinder is always optimally in your hand. The innovative lithium-ion technology ensures almost no self-charging of the batteries, and the current state of charge can be called up at any time on the practical battery capacity display. The 3.0 Ah battery is charged within 60 minutes using the included fast charger. The cordless angle grinder comes with a 3.0 Ah Plus battery and fast charger, but without cutting disc, in a robust transport and storage case. For maximum flexibility, this device can be operated with any battery of the Power X-Change family.

Technical details

Accumulator18 V | 3000 mAh | Li-Ion
Charging time1h
Mains supply charger200-250 V | 50-60 Hz
Disc size115 mm
No-load speed ( idle speed ) Max.8500 min^-1
Max. cutting depth28 mm
Number of accumulators1 Pieces

Softstart and restart protection

Softstart and restart protection ensure increased user safety.


Lightest angle grinder in its class

Slim design with ergonomic softgrip enable comfortable working.


Iincl. 3.0 Ah battery and charger

Supplied with 3.0 Ah Power X-Change battery and charger as well as practical storage case.


Additional handle

The additional handle, which can be mounted in 3 positions, enables flexible working.

What sanding can be carried out using an angle grinder?

The angle grinder can be used for cutting, sanding and roughing work.

Can the angle grinder cut metal?

Yes, the device is even suitable for cutting metal, provided it is equipped with an appropriate cutting disc.

Can the angle grinder remove rust from surfaces?

Yes, rust can be removed from surfaces with an angle grinder.

Can the angle grinder work on hard-to-reach places?

No, despite what its name might suggest. Hard-to-reach places such as corners and angles cannot be sanded using the angle grinder.

What materials can be processed with the angle grinder?

The angle grinder can be used for processing metal and stone, as well as removing rust from surfaces. It is not suitable for processing wood. Orbital, multi, delta, rotary and belt sanders can be used for this.

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